Combining Multiple Plastic Surgeries

Combining Multiple Plastic Surgeries
Once reserved for the rich and famous, plastic surgery is becoming more and more accessible in today’s society. According to an American Society of Plastic Surgeons report in 2016, Americans spent over $16 billion on cosmetic plastic surgeries and outpatient minimally invasive procedures. In the same year, the top five cosmetic procedures were breast augmentation, liposuction, nose reshaping, eyelid surgery, and face lift. Along with producing your desired results in just one operation, combining procedures can also save time and money. In this post we address some common plastic surgery patient questions, such as “Can multiple plastic surgeries be done at the same time?”, “Is it cheaper to get multiple plastic surgeries at once?”, and “Is it safe to have multiple cosmetic procedures at the same time?”. Given that better results are often produced, risks and pain are mitigated, overall recovery time is shortened, and expenses can be significantly lowered, combining plastic surgery procedures is often appealing to many prospective plastic surgery patients.

How many cosmetic procedures can be done at once?

The answer depends on the areas of the body you want to treat, the skill and experience of the plastic surgeon, and the amount of time you can take off work. While safety is always the top priority, many cosmetic surgeons are comfortable combining at least two surgeries together as long as you are in good health. The most common plastic surgery procedures that can be combined are liposuction and tummy tuck, rhinoplasty and chin augmentation, and breast augmentation and breast lift.

  • Liposuction and Tummy Tuck: While a tummy tuck used to be a procedure that only Hollywood moms could afford, the surgery is now accessible to regular moms too. Many moms want to eliminate the bulge in their lower abdomen that has been caused by loose fascia that had damaged and ripped during childbirth. They also want to get rid of unflattering love handles on the sides of their waist. A tummy tuck would give them the flat stomach that they always desired and SmartLipo® liposuction can provide them with an attractive waistline. In this instance, combining the two procedures would be ideal for patients and situations like these.
  • Rhinoplasty and Chin Augmentation: The combination of these two procedures can make your profile more balanced and harmonious with your face. An example of a situation in which combining these 2 procedures would be optimal is having a disproportionately large nose but a smaller, less prominent chin. For such patients a nose reshaping and a chin implant could drastically improve their facial harmony.
  • Southern Breast Lift℠: A specialty of Dr. Grewal’s, the Southern Breast Lift is a breast augmentation combined with a breast lift can help you achieve ideally sized breasts that are perkier, fuller, and rounder. As women slowly age, many begin to notice that their breasts begin to sag and lose shape and volume. For these women who long for bigger and more youthful breasts, but don’t want to undergo multiple procedures either, combining a breast augmentation with a breast lift can be the perfect solution.

The Benefits of Combining Multiple Plastic Surgery Procedures

Benefits of Combined Plastic Surgery

Only One Procedure
Since some surgical complications arise during the time you are actually under anesthesia, it can be less risky go under once to ensure that less stress is placed on your body. As in the case with many moms who choose to combine liposuction and tummy tuck, pairing two procedures together allows you to obtain the benefits of both, while significantly reducing pain and anesthesia-related complications. In 2012, a study performed by The American Society for Plastic Surgeons found that patients did not experience an increase in pain when liposuction was added to a tummy tuck.

Better Results
Most patients report greater satisfaction with their results when more than one of their aesthetic concerns are addressed. For example, when some men had both the rhinoplasty and chin augmentation done, they noticed that their profile was more balanced and symmetrical. However, if the chin augmentation was not combined with rhinoplasty, having a small chin would have made their nose appear much larger.

Shorter Recovery Time
When you are able to combine procedures, you can obtain desirable results with just one recovery period. As in the case of a combined breast augmentation and breast lift, recovery time is not extended by undergoing both together.

Saves Money
Although plastic surgery has become more accessible to more people in recent years, some procedures may still be costly. In general, plastic surgery costs usually consists of facility fees, anesthesia, surgeon fees, and more. When you undergo more than one procedure at a time, you only have to pay some of these expenses once.

How to Ensure a Safe Plastic Surgery Procedure

Selecting a safe and experienced plastic surgeon will be a choice that you will benefit from for many years.

Before undergoing any type of surgery, make sure that surgeon is board certified. You can confirm by checking with the appropriate licensing board.

The surgeon should also have significant experience in the procedure that you are considering. Review before & after pictures, and ask questions.

Here are some great questions to ask a surgeon.
• How many years have you been performing this procedure?
• How many times have you performed this specific procedure?
• What kind of basic and advanced training do you have in the procedure I am considering?

According to Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon Dr. Grewal, a great surgeon will have the necessary skills to tailor the procedures to your unique needs, goals, health, and body so that you can obtain the results that you truly want.

Since plastic surgery is often a life-transforming procedure, you deserve to choose a surgeon who you can feel completely comfortable with your safety and results.
• The surgeon should be performing the procedure in a AAAASF, AAAHC or JCAHO operating facility certification.
• The anesthetist administering your anesthesia should be a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA) or a Board Certified Anesthesiologist.


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