testimonial 1 – t.t.

Dr. Grewal impressed me as a very knowledgeable physician in his field of Plastic Surgery. My initial consultation with Dr. Grewal was in reference to a revision rhinoplasty. Dr. Grewal was very specific about what the surgery entailed and the probable results. I was very impressed at the results and received many complements on my changed appearance.

Dr. Grewal made such an impression that I had him perform a facelift and lip augmentation at a future date. I am 54 years old and told that I look around 40 years old.

Dr. Grewal put me at ease in all the different situations that I encountered with him. I would personally recommend him to patients that want a highly professional physician who is thoroughly competent in his field of expertise and shows compassion and concern to his patients. He is very dedicated to his work and all that the work encompasses. He is very professional, charismatic, and caring.

– T.T.