Testimonial 13 – cf

I come from the perspective of Dr. Grewal as a doctor, a surgeon and a human being.  I found myself in the Cedar Sinai Emergency room with my wrist and forearm sliced open on my dominant right side, along with a fractured shoulder.  I was in a bad accident.   My cuts were severe and would not stop bleeding.  Regardless of the fact that I was a workers comp patient, he stayed with me for hours and repaired 6 of my hand muscles in surgery right there and then.  He is calm, understanding, empathetic and just a great person.  The scaring was extreme and I had no use of my hand or shoulder.  This was all 11 months ago.  He got me to a great doctor for my shoulder and the most fabulous occupational therapist in Burbank to rehab my hand.  Worker’s Comp would no longer pay him which he saw me for a follow up ANYWAY!  Who does that these days?  I have come a very long way in these 11 months and I owe it all to Dr. Grewal.  He told me what oils to use to reduce the scaring and I followed his instruction.  Even though I don’t care much about how it looks, it looks great because of his skill in surgery.  But I will never forget his words in that first week…..I asked if I would get the use of my arm and hand back (frightened and in severe pain)…he said, the goal we are hoping for is to get you back to being able to do all basic things in your life.  To be able to brush my teeth, to drive, put clothes on, to open a can of soup, to type this review…you get the message.  I am able to do the basics now.  I still have a ways to go, but I owe much of my recovery to this wonderful man.  He is not just a plastic surgeon, he is an incredible surgeon and doctor.  .

– C.F