Testimonial 15 – tw

Dr. Grewal performed an aesthetic procedure.  Afterwards, there was quite a bit of bruising and I was petrified!! Dr. Grewal provided constant reassurance, returned my text messages within 10 minutes (on a SATURDAY), requested pictures and closely monitored my recovery.  He even saw me in his office during the healing phase and re-iterated his confidence of a final positive result.  All bruising has since resolved just as Dr. Grewal stated it would — no scars or residual negative affects — my face is FLAWLESS!! Thanks to Dr. Grewal, I am definitively THE MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMAN IN CALIFORNIA!!  The compliments are endless along with the stares and frequent glances.  I even got carded at a bar and believe me I’m well over 21y/o!!  I appreciate the fact that this doctor provided humble recommendations on enhancements I’d of never considered.  He is not pushy — very calm/concerned and easy to talk to.  The prices were extremely fair and his post-procedure care was OUTSTANDING!!  I was so happy with Dr. Grewal, I bragged about him to my girlfriend in Chicago.  She was originally going to have work done by a Chicago doc; however, after Dr. Grewal personally returned all of her emails and talked to her for almost 1 hour via phone answering all of her concerns, she was overwhelming impressed and cancelled the Chi-Town doc.  She is now scheduled to fly in for an appointment with Dr. Grewal so she too can become a Rockstar!! This Plastic Surgeon is by far the best that Beverly Hills has to offer!

– T.W