Testimonial 16 – cp

Walking into Rockstar Beauty I was immediately impressed, as if I walked into a hip boutique hotel lobby sparkling clean and chic with feminine modern artwork all over. I was warmly greeted and treated as if I was a guest more so than a patient. I was taken back to meet with Dr. Grewal in less than ten minutes time.  I had been “shopping” around for a plastic surgeon to give me a Brazilian butt lift for a couple months yet still could not find anyone I felt comfortable with or trusted. Often plastic surgeons can be aggressive and pushy with their recommendations but Dr. Grewal gave an honest and professional opinion about the pros and cons of the procedure. He took his time and offered detailed responses to all my questions showing that he really understood the science behind the fat transfer aka Brazilian butt lift. He is meticulous and skilled with respect for his patients and his work. He never exuded a sense of arrogance or offered short quick responses to my concerns as other surgeons have. I am currently six months post-op and thrilled with my results and the follow up care I received.  My scars are invisible as promised. I am happy I met Dr. Grewal and will continue to get my botox, fillers and any future cosmetic procedures with Rockstar Beauty

– C.P