Testimonial 18 – ck

I was referred by a good friend to go see Dr. Grewal for botox and fillers seeing how good her high cheekbones looked! I wanted to also look wrinkle free and younger. The doctor filled my cheeks with juvederm and my face instantly looked 5 years younger yet natural. The Botox worked perfectly, giving me such a smooth natural look. I also inquired about the new Brazilian butt lift. The doc explained how easily he could pull fat from my love handles and create a natural lifted butt that I’ve always wished for. He showed me what I would look like after surgery on this amazing camera he has called a Vectra. The doctor took so much time to give me detailed explanation of how the fat will not dissolve once placed since fat goes where fat is placed. I am now 2 weeks post op with my new behind and couldn’t be happier! No more squats at the gym for me! Thank you Dr. Grewal and your amazing and caring staff who have followed up almost daily with calls to check up on me and amazing tips on skincare, health and diet! Dr. Grewal will keep me looking good for a long time I hope ;)

– C.K