Vectra 3D Plastic Surgery Result Simulator




Preview your dream. 3D imaging for Beverly Hills.

When you meet with distinguished Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Grewal you will receive a personalized treatment plan as well as the most accurate and instant previews of your results during your consultation. Dr. Grewal uses the latest and most innovative 3D imaging system, a device called the VECTRA® XT – only one of 6 in the entire region. The VECTRA creates a 3-dimensional image of your body, then models expected results of cosmetic procedures like breast augmentation, liposuction, rhinoplasty, facelift and more. You will see the results of face, breast, and/or body procedure(s) from multiple angles before you ever have surgery!

The tool from is for demonstration purposes only. Please contact us to schedule a consultation to create your own 3D image.

This feature is not available on mobile devices. Please use a desktop computer or tablet to access this feature.