You’re a rockstar. Dr. Grewal is a rockstar. We know how rockstars roll.

We know the best hotels, restaurants, and night clubs. We know the best personal shoppers, nutritionists, and stylists. We know who to call to get tickets for the hottest sporting events, theme parks and attractions. We work with the best recovery retreats, aftercare facilities and private nurses. However you want to roll, our concierge will make the arrangements.

To begin your personal transformation and Rockstar tour of Los Angeles, call our office. Our concierge will help you with all the details.

The details:

  • How to take and submit photos for your consultation
  • Setting up a virtual phone consultation with Dr. Grewal
  • Travel arrangements, including accommodations for your recovery.
  • Calendar planning: a typical Rockstar tour and procedure requires
    ten days: two days for pre-op, procedure day, and a week for recovery.

Call us for more information at 310-2 ROCK IT (310-276-2548).