Beverly Hills plastic surgey practice - reception

Welcome to Rockstar Beauty Headquarters, where YOU are the Rockstar and are greeted as such! Let us roll out the red carpet for you and make you feel welcome and right at home. Enjoy walking into a breath of fresh air and offered an array of beverages to your liking. And so begins your exciting choice to invest in yourself, your confidence and your bright future!

Beverly Hills plastic surgey practice - waiting room

Welcome to our specially curated seating area at Rockstar Beauty Headquarters in the Golden Triangle of Beverly Hills, California! Here you will be warmly welcomed by our staff as we start your journey to aspire to confidence. So sit back, relax and allow us to serve you!

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It’s all about the details here: Details like a highly skilled surgeon who has the artistry and technique to custom create the results you dream of – but also who listens and actually hears what it is you really want. Meticulous, detailed work equals results you will love for a lifetime, provided to you by the best staff and surgical staff.

Beverly Hills plastic surgey practice - exam room alternate

Here is our Aesthetic Exam Room where you will have your pick of all of the most effective medical-grade skincare to best meet your skincare needs. This will help you achieve a youthful glow, and it’s in this room that we can take years off of your face in just a few moments with our numerous fillers, peels, injectables and minimally invasive procedures to tighten and smooth your face and decollete.

Beverly Hills plastic surgey practice - exam room

Sit back, relax and let us pamper you in one of our exam rooms where you will be the center of attention for our caring staff to cater to you! In a skin or procedure consultation, you will meet with our Patient Care Coordinator, where we will hear your story and where you want your journey to lead! We will share with you all of the options available to you and how it might help you to achieve the best results possible – next, we will have Dr. Grewal himself come in and assess the areas of concern and share with you his expert opinion.

Beverly Hills plastic surgey practice - office

Continue your comfortable journey as you sit in plush chairs and discuss the future of your journey to confidence and feeling like the Rockstar we already know you are! Making the best decision for you when it comes to Aesthetic Plastic Surgery with a renowned Plastic Surgeon like Dr. Grewal is of the utmost importance. Here you will be educated, well-informed, and counseled through all of the options and which one will be your Rockstar Choice!

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At Rockstar Beauty we keep the aesthetics of all things in mind, with an appreciation for the artistry of final results you get as well as all things Rockstar: Staying on the cutting edge of entertainment, fashion, beauty and all of the latest technology to provide you with the best surgery results available!