• I met Dr Grewal in the ER at Cedars Sinai. I had fractured my cheek and as luck would have it, Dr Grewal was in the ER helping someone else. From the second I saw him I knew I had the right guy to put my face back together.

    Calm, professional, honest. I had difficult insurance and Cedars billing department were a nightmare to deal with, but Dr Grewal worked through it all with me. I couldn’t imagine a better experience really.

    The surgery was basically painless and the reconstruction was perfect. Would certainly see him again.

    – R.B

  • Dr. Grewal was so helpful to me during a very trying time.  During my hospital stay he visited my bedside frequently and made sure my needs were met.  Dr. Grewal is a very capable, talented physician and demonstrates his concern for his patients by being reliable and available.  I would recommend Dr. Grewal to anyone seeking great service.

    – D.P

  • I have been contemplating having liposuction and a breast augmentation for the last three plus years after many consults with different  doctors and opinions on size and implants etc… I almost gave up on the idea of surgery. I was referred to Dr Grewal by a friend who had procedures done. I came in for a consult and was amazed by the detail and time the doctor spent explaining everything! I also got a 3d image of my self and noticed details I never had about my body shape. I immediately felt right about having surgery finally!! Dr. Grewel didn’t even use implants to get me the fullness I was looking for in my breasts just my own fat from my love handles and thighs! Its been 3  weeks today and I am so happy with the results. Recovery was not pleasant the first two days but less pain than I expected.Thank you Dr. Grewel and staff you have all made me feel comfortable and well cared for. I am glad I waited to find the right doctor.

    – C.G

  • I was referred by a good friend to go see Dr. Grewal for botox and fillers seeing how good her high cheekbones looked! I wanted to also look wrinkle free and younger. The doctor filled my cheeks with juvederm and my face instantly looked 5 years younger yet natural. The Botox worked perfectly, giving me such a smooth natural look. I also inquired about the new Brazilian butt lift. The doc explained how easily he could pull fat from my love handles and create a natural lifted butt that I’ve always wished for. He showed me what I would look like after surgery on this amazing camera he has called a Vectra. The doctor took so much time to give me detailed explanation of how the fat will not dissolve once placed since fat goes where fat is placed. I am now 2 weeks post op with my new behind and couldn’t be happier! No more squats at the gym for me! Thank you Dr. Grewal and your amazing and caring staff who have followed up almost daily with calls to check up on me and amazing tips on skincare, health and diet! Dr. Grewal will keep me looking good for a long time I hope ;)

    – C.K

  • I can’t use enough awesome adjectives to describe how pleased I am with the care I have received. I had a rather gruesome stay in the hospital after an infection got the better of wound left by a malfunctioning chest portacath.  Dr. Grewal stepped up and offered more accurate help than the other surgeons on my team. I honestly say things could have been worse for me.

    Aside from the confidence I received from my rockstar experience with him, it is my belief that his awesome attitude, professionalism AND sense of humor make him an impeccable choice not matter the service you are requesting.

    – C.M

  • Walking into Rockstar Beauty I was immediately impressed, as if I walked into a hip boutique hotel lobby sparkling clean and chic with feminine modern artwork all over. I was warmly greeted and treated as if I was a guest more so than a patient. I was taken back to meet with Dr. Grewal in less than ten minutes time.  I had been “shopping” around for a plastic surgeon to give me a Brazilian butt lift for a couple months yet still could not find anyone I felt comfortable with or trusted. Often plastic surgeons can be aggressive and pushy with their recommendations but Dr. Grewal gave an honest and professional opinion about the pros and cons of the procedure. He took his time and offered detailed responses to all my questions showing that he really understood the science behind the fat transfer aka Brazilian butt lift. He is meticulous and skilled with respect for his patients and his work. He never exuded a sense of arrogance or offered short quick responses to my concerns as other surgeons have. I am currently six months post-op and thrilled with my results and the follow up care I received.  My scars are invisible as promised. I am happy I met Dr. Grewal and will continue to get my botox, fillers and any future cosmetic procedures with Rockstar Beauty

    – C.P

  • Dr. Grewal performed an aesthetic procedure.  Afterwards, there was quite a bit of bruising and I was petrified!! Dr. Grewal provided constant reassurance, returned my text messages within 10 minutes (on a SATURDAY), requested pictures and closely monitored my recovery.  He even saw me in his office during the healing phase and re-iterated his confidence of a final positive result.  All bruising has since resolved just as Dr. Grewal stated it would — no scars or residual negative affects — my face is FLAWLESS!! Thanks to Dr. Grewal, I am definitively THE MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMAN IN CALIFORNIA!!  The compliments are endless along with the stares and frequent glances.  I even got carded at a bar and believe me I’m well over 21y/o!!  I appreciate the fact that this doctor provided humble recommendations on enhancements I’d of never considered.  He is not pushy — very calm/concerned and easy to talk to.  The prices were extremely fair and his post-procedure care was OUTSTANDING!!  I was so happy with Dr. Grewal, I bragged about him to my girlfriend in Chicago.  She was originally going to have work done by a Chicago doc; however, after Dr. Grewal personally returned all of her emails and talked to her for almost 1 hour via phone answering all of her concerns, she was overwhelming impressed and cancelled the Chi-Town doc.  She is now scheduled to fly in for an appointment with Dr. Grewal so she too can become a Rockstar!! This Plastic Surgeon is by far the best that Beverly Hills has to offer!

    – T.W

  • I came to Dr. Grewal to discuss some issues with my face.  My personal life has been very difficult these past five years with losing my husband to cancer, and it was showing on my face.  I liked that Dr. Grewal was able to show me what I would look like after the procedure with the VECTRA 3D camera.

    I also had some vertical frown lines on my forehead between my eyebrows taken care of with a botox injection.  I also purchased some skin care products from Skin Medica.  My favorite is the TNS Essential Serum and the Lytera which I would recommend to everyone who wants to look younger, smoother, and reduce the look of fine lines, blemishes, and wrinkles.  I also have been trying Latisse which has made my eyelashes longer and thicker.  I have been out on the dating scene for a few months now.  Men tell me that I look like I’m 28, not 48 years old.  That is a true compliment to Dr. Grewal’s work.

    I also really enjoyed his staff.  Every one in Dr. Grewal’s office are respectful and nice, and go out of their way to accommodate you.  Dr. Grewal is very knowledgeable in his field of practice.

    I will definitely come back to Dr. Grewal’s office and would definitely recommend them to friends and family.  I was a little nervous when I first went to Dr. Grewal’s office, but the staff is so nice that I was able to relax and have what felt like a spa day for me.  A true treat.

    – C.K

  • I come from the perspective of Dr. Grewal as a doctor, a surgeon and a human being.  I found myself in the Cedar Sinai Emergency room with my wrist and forearm sliced open on my dominant right side, along with a fractured shoulder.  I was in a bad accident.   My cuts were severe and would not stop bleeding.  Regardless of the fact that I was a workers comp patient, he stayed with me for hours and repaired 6 of my hand muscles in surgery right there and then.  He is calm, understanding, empathetic and just a great person.  The scaring was extreme and I had no use of my hand or shoulder.  This was all 11 months ago.  He got me to a great doctor for my shoulder and the most fabulous occupational therapist in Burbank to rehab my hand.  Worker’s Comp would no longer pay him which he saw me for a follow up ANYWAY!  Who does that these days?  I have come a very long way in these 11 months and I owe it all to Dr. Grewal.  He told me what oils to use to reduce the scaring and I followed his instruction.  Even though I don’t care much about how it looks, it looks great because of his skill in surgery.  But I will never forget his words in that first week…..I asked if I would get the use of my arm and hand back (frightened and in severe pain)…he said, the goal we are hoping for is to get you back to being able to do all basic things in your life.  To be able to brush my teeth, to drive, put clothes on, to open a can of soup, to type this review…you get the message.  I am able to do the basics now.  I still have a ways to go, but I owe much of my recovery to this wonderful man.  He is not just a plastic surgeon, he is an incredible surgeon and doctor.  .

    – C.F

  • I couldn’t be happier with the service and talents of Dr. Grewal and his staff. I admit to being nervous and uneasy about going in for a service, but Dr. Grewal was highly recommended from another doctor that I trust. Dr. Grewal is knowledgeable, understanding and very talented. His staff is friendly, informative, and very helpful. I appreciate all the efforts Dr. Grewal and his team prepared before and after my service. I already recommended Dr. Grewal to a few of my friends already. They saw a difference in my confidence immediately and asked my secret. Dr. Grewal is patience, talented, very caring and a secret with sharing. I highly recommend Dr. Grewal and his team to anyone interested in receiving quality care and professional service.

    – H.L

  • Dr. Grewal and Christina are absolute Rockstars!  I’m not some one who wants to look perfect, just the best version of myself. Unlike other BH docs, Dr. Grewal will help you achieve your best self without making you look like a plastic, carbon copy of whatever look is “trending”.

    – M.S

  • Thank you Dr. Grewal for the great care you and your staff have given me.  I have the utmost respect for you and your practice.  You are a doctor who is not only knowledgeable but understanding as well.  Thank you for your wonderful care and follow up.  Your staff went beyond what a patient could have ever asked for and I can see why you came so highly recommended!
    What impressed me the most was your kind caring deposition & bedside manner; these are not acquired traits but God given gifts!  I am truly blessed to have made such a wonderful choice!

    – T.O

  • Friendly staff and very knowledgeable doctor up to date on latest methods.  I would recommend this surgeon to friends.  Expectations are clearly outlined and realistic, office was meticulous as well.  Overall a very comfortable experience.

    – J.S.

  • If you are considering botox, fillers and/or plastic surgery look no further because you will not find better hands (literally) than Dr. Grewal. He, Christina and their entire team provide expert care and professional treatments like no other office. They run on time, give you realistic advice on what would look best, and make sure you leave looking like your best self. They are not a churn and burn volume office, they are medical artists who seek perfection. I cannot say enough great things about my experience with Rockstar Beauty and have total confidence recommending others to their team.

    – C.S

  • Thank you to Dr. Grewal for an AMAZING experience. Not only is Dr. Grewal an expert in his field, he has an amazing bedside manner and truly cares about his patients. He made me look incredible without looking plastic and fake. Words are not enough. He is a true ROCKSTAR.

    – H.M

  • To Navanjun S. Grewal, M.D. and the public at large: This is a letter of particular thanks for Divine grace.

    It’s hard to talk about this. I am a writer, and the fact that I write these words now I owe to the skill and genius of a man, Navanjun S. Grewal, MD, I never met before this past June 2013. I say this because if he were not born with the skill and prescience to see and do what needed to be done, I would have lost the use of the hand with which I write. So this is not your average perfunctory recommendation. Because for a writer, the hand is an essential tool that is needed in order to survive.


    – Eric John Priestley

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    “A Helping Hand”
    Written by Eric John Priestley, Los Angeles, 10/29/2013

    It was about two in the afternoon, and I was getting off the Expo Line train at Culver City last stop, and lightly hit the back of my right hand on the passenger rail. I looked at my hand moments later, and there was blood erupting under the skin which appeared like a volcano. I quickly started massaging it in the hope it would stop. It did not stop, and later after I got home, my friend noticed the swelling and agreed to take me to Cedars-Sinai hospital. I was seen by an attending physician, who ordered x-rays, which revealed no broken bones, gave me some pain medication, told me to keep ice on it, and if it got worse to return. I took the medication immediately and went home and went to sleep.

    At 4 a.m. I was jolted awake by a throbbing pain. I looked at my hand, and it was as large as a soccer ball. I called 911, gave them my address and told the ambulance to hurry. I ran down and waited in front of the house. By the time we got to the hospital and the physician came out I told him, “I don’t want to talk to you. I need a surgeon – now.”

    He told me one was on duty, and in moments a very tall, striking figure of a man came into the emergency room. He took one look at my hand and said, “You’re going to need surgery right now.”

    I totally agreed, and signed as best I could, the necessary forms. Moments later I heard the same surgeon’s voice, “Wake up.”

    “When are we going to start, doc?” I asked. He told me we were finished. I was astonished.

    I spent a few days at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, and later Doctor Grewal sent me to hand therapy, where I am happy to say I healed quickly, got the stitches removed with very little scaring per the assurance of Doctor Grewal. I have blessings and eternal thanks to him and to the Divine grace which brought about my meeting him and his superb skills, which to this day enable me to write and create. I cannot imagine my life without being able to write.

  • Thank you for all the work you did and saving my finger. I appreciate it more than I can say.”


    – Heidi

  • Dr. Grewal was incredibly personable and seemed to have a genuine interest in addressing all my concerns with my appearance. He spent time getting to know me and when I e-mailed his office with questions, they always responded the same day, sometimes within minutes . He seemed to have my best interest at heart. The work he did was excellent! I am so happy with the results. I have renewed confidence and really do look and feel younger.

    I would not hesitate to recommend him to a friend or loved one.

    – JH

  • I can’t say enough about Dr. Grewal and his staff. I was made to feel comfortable every step of the way. My experience on the day of my surgery was excellent – everyone was friendly, helpful and kind. I am 100% satisfied and thrilled with my results. The nurses and anesthetist were wonderful on the day of the surgery and put me completely at ease.

    I am VERY pleased with my experience and would highly recommend Dr. Grewal to anyone interested in plastic surgery. I absolutely love the results. I can’t thank you enough for all what you’ve done for me, Dr. Grewal. I was explained the procedure in detail. I am very satisfied with my treatment both pre and post surgery. I referred to the written material I received from his office before and after the surgery (on what to expect, what to do, what not to do, and how to speed my recovery). It covered so many questions that I had. Also, thank you making yourself available to answer my followup questions as well!

    – RR

  • Of the many surgeons I consulted regarding my procedure, none were as kind, knowledgeable, and passionate as Dr. Grewal. He was very understanding and could tell exactly what I wanted, standing with me 110% of the way and answering every one of my many, many questions.

    The procedure itself was quick and painless, with minimal swelling and discomfort. Dr. Grewal even followed up with me weekly to make sure I was recovering well. I can say I look just as I had envisioned and would undergo the procedure one hundred times over again in a heartbeat!

    – DK

  • Dr. Grewal impressed me as a very knowledgeable physician in his field of Plastic Surgery. My initial consultation with Dr. Grewal was in reference to a revision rhinoplasty. Dr. Grewal was very specific about what the surgery entailed and the probable results. I was very impressed at the results and received many complements on my changed appearance.

    Dr. Grewal made such an impression that I had him perform a facelift and lip augmentation at a future date. I am 54 years old and told that I look around 40 years old.

    Dr. Grewal put me at ease in all the different situations that I encountered with him. I would personally recommend him to patients that want a highly professional physician who is thoroughly competent in his field of expertise and shows compassion and concern to his patients. He is very dedicated to his work and all that the work encompasses. He is very professional, charismatic, and caring.

    – T.T.