3-D Imaging and Plastic Surgery

Have you ever wondered what you would look like after cosmetic surgery? Of course, if even to satisfy curiosity. If we could see ourselves post-op, we’d have the confidence to make a change and go through with the surgery, or to simply keep being our rockstar selves. And if it’s confidence you seek, it’s confidence that Rockstar Beauty provides.

Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Grewal uses the latest in medical photography, a device called the VECTRA® XT. The VECTRA creates a 3-dimensional image of your body, then models expected results of cosmetic procedures like breast augmentation, liposuction, rhinoplasty and more. And you may even find that the image is more insightful than the mirror at home.

“I came in for a consult and was amazed by the detail and time the doctor spent explaining everything! I also got a 3-D image of my self and noticed details I never had about my body shape,” said one of Dr. Grewal’s patients on RateMDs.com. The patient opted for a NaturalPlus Breast Augmentation℠, Dr. Grewal’s trademarked procedure for augmentation through fat transfer. “I immediately felt right about having surgery finally!”

The 3-D image is also key to patient expectations according to Dr. Grewal.

“The Vectra highlights the important aspects that affect a patient’s satisfaction with the results of their surgery, such as symmetry and size of implants,” said Dr. Grewal. The slightest asymmetry pre-operatively can be exaggerated, as size is increased through augmentation.

Many patients have never noticed the natural asymmetry between their breasts. It can be difficult to see slight differences in size and shape with a basic full length mirror, and most of us do not have Dr. Grewal’s eye for detail. However, using the VECTRA® XT, your 3-D image can be turned from right to left, side to side, up and down as well as upside-down, revealing the slightest asymmetry.

VECTRA® XT 3-D imaging also allows patients to “try on” a variety of sizes. There is even an option to view the virtual mirror image nude or in a bikini. Imagine knowing what you could look like at the beach before undergoing a breast augmentation!

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