Becoming A Rockstar

Many aspire to become rockstars, but the reality is that actually becoming one is a lot harder than it seems. It takes more than just knowing how to play an instrument well and the ability to put on a good show in order to gain tons of admiring fans and the fortune that comes along with it. To be a successful rockstar you have to have certain finesse and attitude, and in today’s world you also have to have the right “look.”

Male Rockstars

The typical image of a male rockstar is a guy who seems to always live on the edge without a care in the world. Male rockstars frequently demonstrate to us just how much the body can physically take by going through all-night drinking binges and frequently using recreational drugs.

There are five things that every guy should have before becoming a world-class rockstar:

  • Sunglasses
  • Eye-Catching Tattoos
  • Confidence
  • Outstanding Hair
  • The “Bad Boy” Image


Jimi Hendrix: One look at his picture and you can tell that he was the rockstar of his time. It doesn’t hurt that he had mad guitar skills either.

Axl Rose: The Guns N’ Roses frontman fits the mold for the characteristics of a typical male rockstar. He has essentially been the poster “bad boy” since bursting onto the scene in 1985.

Adam Levine: In the last few years, Levine has gained extreme popularity as more than just the lead vocalist of pop rock band Maroon 5. He’s got many of the qualities a rockstar needs to be successful: a signature look…check, tattoos and confidence…check, bad boy image…check (maybe he’s not breaking the law, but if you ask any woman who is familiar with music, he is definitely breaking hearts).

Female Rockstars

Becoming a female rockstar can be twice as hard as becoming a male rockstar. Women sometimes have to be twice as rebellious and twice as resilient as their male counterparts to be accepted; of course partying like the men is a must as well. There is often much more criteria to be met for female rockstars to achieve success.

Five qualities that every female should consider before becoming a successful rockstar are:

  • Plenty of Makeup
  • Great Hair
  • Confidence
  • Tight jeans
  • An Abundance of Accessories


Pat Benatar: She’s the perfect balance of toughness and sex appeal. Her music and style has proved her timeless, and she has also influenced many female artists who have come into the spotlight decades after her.

Courtney Love: She was married to one of the biggest male rockstars of all time: Kurt Cobain. However, she’s had an immense impact on the female music industry and has been called one of the most controversial women in the history of rock.

Pink: One of the most rebellious women not only in the recent past, but of all time. Pink’s vibe of emotional rawness is really felt through her music and strikes a chord that even intimidates some of the most famous male rockstars.

All of the above mentioned have great personas and are great at presenting a rockstar mentality. However, one thing that all of these rockstars have in common is the originality in their physical appearance.

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