A Bridge Too Far: What is Beauty in the Age of Social Media? by Christina Reisenweber

A Bridge Too FarStretched taut between two hip bones, a bikini bridge of nylon floats above her abdomen like zip line between mountain peaks. This photo propagated on social media leads you to think this “ideal” is an achievable aspiration. They want you to think that if only there was such a gap between your bikini bottom and stomach when you lay on your back, then you would be beautiful. But real beauty is simpler than a bikini bridge.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Beauty is only skin deep. Beauty comes from within. Beauty is sexy. Beauty is you.

Beauty should be about confidence—how you feel about yourself—and not what social media deems acceptable. The internet is creating unhealthy body ideals like the bikini bridge, and women are buying into it. Women feel tremendous amounts of pressure and anxiety to achieve something that’s been made popular by the internet and social media outlets. Women are highly susceptible to these media-generated body trends, most recently made popular with the “thigh gap” phenomenon and now the bikini bridge. Because of this, women are putting extreme amounts of pressure on themselves to live up to the next internet-induced body fad (or rather, hoax). The question is what can we do to cut down on the pressure to achieve a certain look, and simply have an overall healthy body image?

First – STOP letting social media rule your world. It’s important to feel comfortable in your own skin, and know that something might be unattainable for your particular body type (no matter how much diet and exercise you do).

Second – NEVER resort to an unhealthy style of living in attempts to achieve a body goal. Examples of this would be: severely restricting your calorie intake, purging after eating, over-exercising, or starvation. Eating disorders are addictive diseases that can take years to get over. Don’t allow social media trends and pressure force you into unhealthy living habits. Seek professional help immediately if you feel you are struggling with an eating disorder.

Instead, gain some perspective. Some (let’s call it most) people do not have the body type/bone structure to achieve these so-called “trends.” The latest trend to have gone viral is the “bikini bridge,” which began as an internet hoax, and has since taken off. This is a term used to describe a space (or bridge, if you will) between a woman’s hip bones and the bikini bottom she is donning, while lying down.

Lucky you if this is something you already exhibit. But for most women (and men) the bikini bridge isn’t their reality. Adopting new healthy living styles into your life will certainly help achieve any reasonable fitness goal you have. “Clean eating” is a phrase you should add to your everyday language. Start boosting your metabolism with daily exercise (even just 30 minutes of cardio to get that heart rate up) and eat right!

Losing weight doesn’t happen magically or overnight. If you’re someone who’s tried everything—diet, exercise, clean eating—and nothing is working for you, there are other answers! Dr. Grewal of Rockstar Beauty in Beverly Hills specializes in liposuction, and something else many women are flocking to, “The Mommy Makeover.” Diet and exercise are crucial, “but some fat deposits are stubbornly unresponsive. And sometimes unwanted fat collects in sensitive, hard-to-treat areas,” says Dr. Grewal. Luckily his advanced skills, education, and technology in the field provide for top of the line solutions, such as SmartLipo®. Dr. Grewal continues, “For women desiring less inches and more confidence, Smart Lipo® can be used to permanently eliminate exercise-resistant fat deposits.”

This is a fantastic solution for women who have struggled tirelessly to achieve a flat stomach. If this sounds like you—someone who has tried it all and still can’t get the tummy you want, do not feel lost or hopeless. Dr. Grewal is here to help you achieve any and all goals you have. Set up your consultation today to get started on a plan that is perfect for you. Call Rockstar Beauty at 310-2 ROCK IT (310-276-2548).

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