Brazilian Butt Lift: So Long Stick, We Want Thick

Has there ever been so much booty in beauty? Gone are the days of heroin chic, Kate Moss and the stick-figure types – today, baby’s got back.

“These days, both men and women seem to be appreciating the aesthetics of a healthy, fit body with a curvy silhouette,” said Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Grewal. “Diet and exercise can help us achieve a healthy look, but we don’t all store our body fat like Kim K or Nikki Minaj. That’s why a fat transfer butt lift is such an exciting option.”

According to the medical director of Rockstar Beauty in Beverly Hills, a fat transfer can move fat from unwanted areas to where you do want it, like the breasts or buttocks. Brazilian butt lift is popular name for a fat transfer to the buttocks. While a breast lift is a surgical lift, the Brazilian butt lift is achieved purely through fat injections.

“Shape and size are heavily influenced by injection placement,” said Dr. Grewal. “Like creating a sculpture by adding material, your surgeon has to have the anatomical insight and skill placing injections to create a full, perky, desirable result.”

To augment the size of the derrière, patients may also consider silicone gel butt implants, but they should not spend too much time considering them. According to Dr. Grewal, the downside to implants outweigh any upside for your backside.

“With butt implants, there’s a risk for implant movement and infection. With a Brazilian butt lift, you don’t have to worry about an implant flipping around or it’s edges showing,” said Dr. Grewal. “Because it’s a transfer of your own fat, it’ll feel natural and last.”

How Long Do Brazilian Butt Lift Results Last?

During fat transfer procedures, the amount of fat taken out, transferred back in, and the final amount in the transfer site three months later might all be different. Fat is extracted through liposuction and more may be taken than necessary for the transfer. The extracted fat is then purified and prepped for transfer. Some of this fat will be directly absorbed by the body, but any fat that remains after the first three months is considered permanent.

Pros and Cons of Brazilian Butt Lift

According to Dr. Grewal, fat absorption is one of the biggest cons with any fat transfer procedures.

“If we were using an implant, we could guarantee the size of the augmentation. But if we decide to transfer 700 CCs of fat to each buttock, we may see only a 500 CC increase in size,” said Dr. Grewal. “Having said that, there’s plenty of upside to Brazilian butt lift compared to the use of implants.”


• Can Improve Self-Esteem – Liposuction can improve the contour of the abdomen, while the brazilian butt lift enhances the shape of the buttocks, leading to increase in positive body perception and confidence.
• All Natural – It’s your own fat, there’s nothing for your body to reject.
• Natural Feel – fat feels more like fat than an implant ever could.


• Outcome can be hard to predict – final size is not always equal to the amount of fat injected. A second round of liposuction and injections may be required to achieve a desired outcome.
• Fat transfer comes with its own risks – consult with your surgeon for a clear picture of the risks.

“Fat transfer butt lifts are still a relatively new technique. Educating patients on the risks and benefits is equally important as surgeons continue to collect information on the long-term safety and efficacy of this procedure,” says Dr. Grewal.

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