Breast Augmentation LA: What to Know

Breast Augmentation LA Like a motto, Breast Augmentation LA claims its stake as the BA capital of the world. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons lists over 90 surgeons offering breast surgeries clustered within five miles of Beverly Hills, never mind the rest of the Los Angeles area. By contrast, ASPS lists just 13 surgeons in Orlando offering the same services. Breast Augmentation LA might not be the catchiest nickname, but it aptly describes the city.

What makes breast augmentation in LA so popular?

The entertainment industry in Los Angeles is one of the major driving forces behind the per capita stats. For some women, an enhanced figure enhances their confidence, giving them an emotional edge over the competition in casting. If you are an aspiring actress, model or dancer, be sure to contact us to schedule a consultation with Rockstar Beauty – you are already a rockstar in our book, but we’ll help you build confidence on stage or on screen.

The popularity of the procedure is also fueled by the concentration of wealth in the popular zip codes around Los Angeles. But even without the bankrolls of the rich and famous, women are finding the decision easier and easier to make, especially with new techniques and procedures, like Dr. Grewal’s NaturalPlus Breast Augmentation℠.

The NaturalPlus enhances the breasts with an implant PLUS fat transfer. Your own fat is transferred by Dr. Grewal from an area like your stomach or thighs to your chest to smooth the transition between the silicone or saline implant and surrounding tissue, effectively shrouding the implant with fat. This technique creates aesthetically pleasing upper breast volume and more cleavage, all with a natural-looking appearance.

As part of the rockstar treatment you receive when you choose Rockstar Beauty, we’ll offer skin treatments and products we’ve tested and approved to help maintain your attractive décolletage. Our rockstars also receive practical tips on buying clothes that accentuate your curves. Call us today for more information, 310-2 ROCK IT (310-276-2548).

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