What’s In a Name?

In the plastic surgery operating room, Dr. Grewal was once called a “rockstar” in praise of his confident decision making and speed borne of assuredness. He liked the sound of it. He liked the connection between skill and confidence. “Rockstar” took on greater meaning for Dr. Grewal after an Operation Smile trip, a philanthropic medical mission to perform plastic surgery on underserved populations in developing nations. These children had visible maladies that separated them from their peers, that pushed them to the edges of their community and wrecked their sense of self-confidence. But one by one, each child received care, attention and plastic surgery treatments that repaired not just cleft palates, but confidence. It was a fresh, new start for these children. It wasn’t just their bright smiles, it was their now bright futures – they could be rockstars.

That is the essence of Rockstar Beauty. It is all about you! A plastic surgery practice in Beverly Hills dedicated to helping you become confident – confident enough to reach for your dreams.

Life Is a Stage, Rockstars Are At the Center of It

In Beverly Hills and Los Angeles, Shakespeare’s quote can feel very literal – everyday situations can feel like an audition. And for the lucky few who are “discovered” while enjoying their morning latte at an outdoor cafe, sometimes these really are auditions! If you want the confidence in your appearance to rise above daily worries and insecurities, we have many services that can help you, from skin treatments and wellness tips to cosmetic surgery.

That’s Rockstar Beauty – being confident enough in yourself to rise above the daily doubts. There are plenty of rockstars who are not beautiful in the conventional sense, but they are confident in themselves. And that confidence becomes its own force that declares “I am beautiful” for all the world to hear and see.

You might be a confident person usually, but the stage can be daunting for anyone – especially if you have time to anticipate it. If you have a scheduled appearance on the stage, like a job interview, a callback, a wedding, or the opening of your latest gallery exhibit, you may want a little boost of confidence to shore up your rockstar persona. Rockstar Beauty offers a variety of non-invasive, quick recovery treatments that not only revitalize, they energize you with confidence.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you bring out your inner rockstar.

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