Rockin the Recovery: Liposuction Recovery Tips

How long does liposuction with SmartLipo® recovery take is one of the most popular questions asked by patients interested in a quick and effective method for removing fat. Contact us for a consult with Dr. Grewal to obtain the best answer for you – everyone of us is unique and only a plastic surgeon can give you answer that pertains to you. Recovery times are entirely dependent on the number of areas treated and the volume of fat removed. Smaller the amount removed from fewer areas equates to a shorter recovery period. If you have more fat removed from more areas, recovery will take longer.

Having stated that, here is the generic, TL;DR version because we are all busy and just want a general guide for the average patient, having the average amount of fat removed from the average number of areas:
• 1 day or less till up and walking about
• 2 days for desk jockeys (shout out to the coders) to return to work
• 1 week to resume normal activities
• 3 weeks for soreness and sensitivity to subside in treated areas
• 1 month for most of the swelling to subside
• 1 month of wearing compression garnets

Top Liposuction Recovery Tips

Dr. Grewal’s liposuction patients receive the full support of our team along with tailored, detailed care instructions. But for everyone in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles not currently enjoying the rockstar treatment, we have compiled a list of the liposuction recovery tips.

Dress for Success!

Wear your compression garment. The compression garment or binder helps minimize swelling and lessens the chances of fluid build up. Buy more than one – you’ll feel fresher and do less washing.

Take your meds!

Take all medication as prescribed. Do not stop taking antibiotics early. And if you are experiencing pain, take your prescribed pain management medication. If you wait until pain is unbearable, then you are not managing.

Start moving!

Moving around, just walking ten minutes a day helps get the blood flowing and reduces the risk of blood clots. Liposuction recovery is not as intense as some surgical procedures, but you still may find yourself away from your usual active routine. Don’t rush or push yourself back into activity, just add time and distance to your walks until you feel ready to get back to the every day routines.

Stay in touch!

At Rockstar Beauty, we are here to support our rockstars. We’re going to keep in touch with you, including follow up calls and regular check-ins, but we strongly encourage our patients to err on the side of caution and contact us when you have a doubt.

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