Three Things to Know About Liposuction

1. The Surgeon is More Important Than the Lipo Machine

There are many types of liposuction machines and technologies, but they are just tools. It’s how the surgeon uses the tools that counts, and Dr. Grewal can rock the cannula! A cannula is the instrument that is inserted under the skin to suck out the fat.

After using a variety of liposuction machines, Dr. Grewal found that he liked using Smartlipo® and the results he obtains with laser-assisted liposuction. The laser Dr. Grewal uses with the SmartLipo® machine coagulates blood vessels in the treated area for less bruising and bleeding, which can lead to a quicker recovery period.

According to Cynosure, the makers of Smartlipo, it is a less invasive procedure. This allows Dr. Grewal to treat stubborn fat deposits in sensitive and/or complex areas like the neck, chin, back, arms, and legs. The traditional liposuction areas are generally limited to abdomen, flanks and chest, which Dr. Grewal can treat with the Smartlipo as well. Contact us to schedule your consultation with Dr. Grewal to discuss solutions for your individual areas of concern.

2. Even an Entourage of One Helps

Sure our rockstars can roll thirty deep, but what really matters is having support at home. Liposuction is surgery and will require downtime. Smartlipo patients typically return to normal activities within two days.

Other liposuction methods may require up to a week of recovery before you’re back to your routine – as along as your routine doesn’t include working out at the gym, high-impact activities like running, or lifting heavy objects, like a 65-pound Marshall speaker cabinet. A month can pass before you’ve healed, depending on the areas treated and amount of fat removed, so having support is important.

And not just physical support, having someone who can provide emotional support can help ease your anxiety and stress levels and go a long way to improving your outcome.

3. Set Your Stage for Liposuction Recovery

During your consultation and pre-surgery appointments, Dr. Grewal will provide you with a timetable for recovery that is tailored to you. But generally, after Smartlipo, you should be off your feet relaxing for two days – so be ready to take it easy for awhile!

  • Plan out and buy easy to prepare and eat meals.
  • Plan for child and pet care.
  • Create a recovery space with lots of pillows and easy access to entertainment (Rockstar tip: iPad and extension cord for the charger).
  • Plan a wardrobe of clothes that are easy to pull on and off.
  • And buy extra compression garments.

Compression garments reduce swelling and lessen the chance of bruising. These garments are typically worn for two weeks, though sometimes longer (you really should consult with Dr. Grewal for individualized information), so you’ll want to have spare sets – people say this helps them feel fresh.

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