What is Breast Augmentation?

Breast Augmentation is a really common aesthetic procedure in Los Angeles as well as around the globe. It is a procedure that has given hundreds of thousands of women more confidence in their appearance. Breast augmentation has helped just as many feel more feminine and vivacious. Young or old, women of all walks of life have enjoyed the benefits of a breast augmentation. Simply put, what is breast augmentation? Bigger breasts.

What is breast augmentation like at Rockstar Beauty?

At Rockstar Beauty, breast augmentation is about being confident in your appearance. It is about creating a body contour that your clothes will hug. It’s about capturing eyes in a crowd and holding attention – and feeling comfortable at the center of attention. To help you achieve that level of confidence, Rockstar Beauty tailors their breast augmentation to your specific anatomy and desires. This philosophy guides us from the beginning, starting with our consultation equipment, like the Vectra 3D imaging system.

How 3D imaging helps in breast augmentation decisions and choices

The Vectra 3D imager captures and renders a 3D picture of your breasts. With the software, Dr. Grewal can create renderings of your breasts with implants for any size you wish to see. And you can see your future breasts from any angle to help you decide if they are the right size for you. Dr. Grewal will offer his professional advice and discuss aesthetic principals like balance and proportion, but it’s the Vectra that will really help you get on the same page with regards to your expectations. And right now, Rockstar Beauty is one of the few practices in Beverly Hills with a Vectra.

What is breast augmentation, technically speaking?

Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure to aesthetically enhance the size and shape of the breast with an implant. The newest breast augmentation procedures use your own fat in addition to the implant, like Dr. Grewal’s NaturalPlus Breast Augmentation℠SM.

A breast implant comes in a variety of shapes, sizes and consistencies. After an implant is selected, it is placed below or above your breast muscle. Dr. Grewal then uses your fat extracted from your stomach or hips to smooth the transitions between the implant and your surrounding body tissue for full, natural-looking breasts and cleavage.

For more information on Breast Augmentation, speak directly to Dr. Grewal during a consultation. You’ll get to experience Vectra 3D imaging and find out what it means when we say we treat you like “you are the rockstar.”

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