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What’s In a Name?

In the plastic surgery operating room, Dr. Grewal was once called a “rockstar” in praise of his confident decision making and speed borne of assuredness. He liked the sound of it. He liked the connection between skill and confidence.

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Becoming A Rockstar

Many aspire to become rockstars, but the reality is that actually becoming one is a lot harder than it seems. It takes more than just knowing how to play an instrument well and the ability to put on a good show in order to gain tons of admiring fans and the fortune that comes along with it. To be a successful rockstar you have to have certain finesse and attitude, and in today’s world you also have to have the right “look.”

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Now Open in Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills plastic surgery is all about providing YOU, the patient, with the most outstanding individualized treatments in order to enhance your appearance to the likeness of your desire. Led by plastic surgeon, Dr. Navanjun S. Grewal, our goal at Rockstar Beauty is to provide you with amazing results that motivate you to achieve total self-improvement, inside and out.

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